The Next Step For Our Indie MMORPG

As our current players know; we have not released a new zone past the “Ice Cavern” (maxing you out around level 100) for our indie mmorpg in┬áseveral months. For this we sincerely apologize. We have not been sitting Idle though. On the contrary, we have released several bug fixes, performance enhancements and new quests while figuring out how to move to the next zone.

We now have a plan and have gotten the story framework for this indie mmorpg together ­čÖé

SacredItems DarkHalls

We aren’t going to give away the story (you’ll have to play for that), but we will tell you that the progression involves the sacred amulets that you work so hard to collect. You’ll want to wear your big boy/girl pants to the next area.


2 thoughts on “The Next Step For Our Indie MMORPG”

  1. dammit gary_c, i’m trying NOT to play games. and reiwveing these kind of games which look a bit addictive is not very good you know for me ’cause i have work and stuff to do :-p

  2. Yo it’s me Raith 2 great game tbh I want to know if you can maybe make a knight class and maybe also when you equip armour your avatar changes, Thank you

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