3D Browser MMO adds Mounts!

At long last, finally… mounts! This was a long time coming guys. I have been wanting mounts since the Titans of Time first went 3D. Well it finally happened. I went right to Youtube academy and taught myself how to animate. Having a freelance animator was just not going to work for this. Too much money, too much time. So I said… **** it, I’ll learn how to animate 3D models. They may not be the best animations but they are not a drastic departure from most the others in the game haha.

Mission accomplished. Mounts are now live. They can be purchased from “Finn” in Hallengard for gold. There are currently 3 mounts for sale, each faster (and much more expensive) than the next.

3D Browser MMORPG adds Gauntlets!

Gauntlets are now live! What are Gauntlets you ask? A great way to earn points and gold by fighting waves of enemies in a battle to the death! You either win or die, nothing in between. Go big or go home in our free to play browser game.

There are 5 Gauntlets live as of now. The first one is in the Desert, the rest will be up to you to find. Each Gauntlet has 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Insane. Each one gives progressively more rewards and is exponentially more difficult. You automatically are awarded the loot per Gauntlet from the easier difficulties if you beat a harder one. So if you beat one on Insane for example, you automatically get the loot from the Normal and Easy difficulties. Quite a time saver!

Best of luck to you fellow adventurers!