Big Update for Browser MMO Titans of Time!

This is a pretty big update. The first of several. In addition to the much optimized server code, I have made many game changes as well. These changes are live as of this post.

Training Boost talents are removed. The 10% training boost is now applied by default!

Each class has been given new talents to replace the removed training talents. Other changes have been made as well.


  • Attacks on unsuspecting enemies while in stealth have a 50% increased critical strike chance.
  • Stealth does not break when you one shot kill an enemy.
  • Blade Storm is now AOE. Damage was reduced 40% and rage cost was massively increased.
  • Sever is now available at level 1.
  • Hamstring is now available at level 10.
  • New talent “Bloodletting” added. Adds increased chance for critical hit on bleeding enemies (currently only Sever and Gash (Titan attack) cause bleed).
  • New Talent “Improved Stealth” available, decreasing enemy site and increasing critical strike chance of initial hit.
  • Discipline now decreases enemy critical strike chance against you.
  • Channel Energy, Improved Agility and Improved Strength now have 5 points of upgrades instead of 3. *Channel Energy was moved back to 3 but bonus per point was increased by 1.
  • Penetration now mitigates 25% of armor instead of 20%.


  • Titans Thunder increased to 50% chance to stun.
  • Improved Strength and Improved Agility now have 5 points of upgrades instead of 3.
  • Added talent “Improved Charge”, reducing cooldown and increasing critical strike chance.
  • Added talent “Improved Destroy”, reducing cooldown.


  • Changed talent “Spirituality” to decrease physical damage instead of Spirit training boost.
  • Changed talent “Pure Vision” to increase magic damage instead of Intellect training boost.
  • Added new spell “Penance” stunning an enemy and draining life over time.
  • Improved Spirit and Improved Intellect now have 5 points of upgrades instead of 3.


  • Added new spell “Lifedrain” which drains enemy life and gives it to you over time.
  • Added new spell “Mindbomb”, stunning your enemy and doing damage over time.
  • Added talent “Improved Lifedrain”.
  • Added talent “Improved Mindbomb”.
  • Improved Spirit and Improved Intellect now have 5 points of upgrades instead of 3.

I will be making more updates in the future as well as augmenting the current ones. I will also be looking at game combat and loot balancing.

One thought on “Big Update for Browser MMO Titans of Time!”

  1. -Thanks for the info, just got done with a quick look-see. The new hi-level zone combined with the skill changes seem to be trending higher level play in the right direction.

    Looking forward to what’s next.

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