New Browser MMO Zone Rhandi Marsh Now Live!

Well guys the new zone is finally live! It took a bit longer than I originally planned but the wait I think is well worth it. I’ve added new features to the naval aspect of the game along with some new item type. The temple is not yet live and I am still debating on what level to make it but as far as the theme I’ve pretty much got it settled and am super excited to begin working on it.

Completely unrelated to that I have also began working on a beta VR feature to the game. It is now live for testing for those who have a VR headset. If you don’t what are you waiting for, VR is incredible! I’m just messing around, I know they are a little pricey.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Work on the Hellish Wastes will commence as soon as I have at least a good start on the Marsh Temple. I’ve got plans beyond that as well. In the meantime level up to 50 and come check out this beautiful wetland just waiting for you to arrive and kill everything =]

2 thoughts on “New Browser MMO Zone Rhandi Marsh Now Live!”

  1. Haven’t logged in meaningfully for several months, just wanted to give you a comment hit and say i appreciate the work, from a long-time player job well done and look forward to a time (hopefully soon) that i have a computer again so i can log in and run through these additions!

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