New Browser MMO Zone Rhandi Marsh Now Live!

Well guys the new zone is finally live! It took a bit longer than I originally planned but the wait I think is well worth it. I’ve added new features to the naval aspect of the game along with some new item type. The temple is not yet live and I am still debating on what level to make it but as far as the theme I’ve pretty much got it settled and am super excited to begin working on it.

Completely unrelated to that I have also began working on a beta VR feature to the game. It is now live for testing for those who have a VR headset. If you don’t what are you waiting for, VR is incredible! I’m just messing around, I know they are a little pricey.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Work on the Hellish Wastes will commence as soon as I have at least a good start on the Marsh Temple. I’ve got plans beyond that as well. In the meantime level up to 50 and come check out this beautiful wetland just waiting for you to arrive and kill everything =]

3D Browser MMORPG Sneak Preview

After I took a brief holiday break I have began working on new zones to follow the newly released Sky Sanctuary. Turns out I was a little burned out on level design and performed various server and game engine upgrades as well as fixed a few bugs and corrected the Assassin talent tree. Rest assured I am still working on the new zones and I wanted to provide just a little sneak peak of what is to come. These zones are very much so subject to change. As for what level these zones are to be… I have not yet decided.

Hellish Wastes

The hellish remains of the once serene and beautiful Frozen Wastes.

The Rhandi Marsh

A new zone off the West coast of the Emerald Fields.

Our Browser MMORPG Has a New Level

We present to you… the Sky Sanctuary. A beautiful ancient world above the heavens. Discover (and possibly kill) ancient cultures far separated from the world below. From majestic Dragons to creating “herbal” remedies you’ll find yourself at home here in the Sky Sanctuary. And of course I fixed a bunch of bugs too.


And of course… it’s hellish counterpart.



New WebGL MMORPG Icons and UI Improvements

For a long time our icon sets composed of Googled images cut out in Photoshop. They were bad. They were ugly. They may have violated copyrights… lol.

No more! We have purchased licensed professional icons sets and have implemented a good amount of them into our WebGL MMORPG. We still have to replace a lot of items, but spells, consumables and even talents have received a fresh coat of paint.


We should have done this a long time ago. Oh well, better late than never.

We’ve also improved the spell bar / equipment bar interface. Swapping and sorting spells and potions is a lot less frustrating than it was. I’m pretty happy with the results.

Oh and we are working on another huge aesthetic upgrade. An expensive upgrade… It will be worth it. More details to come!

Tons of WebGL MMORPG Updates!

Sorry for not posting in while. A lot has been done but not much of it has been documented recently. Here is a brief (I’ve forgotten some of the details) list of the updates since last time.



Day / Night Cycles!


Multi-Textured Terrains (Finally)


Improved Lighting Model!



  • Completely revamped world (discussed in previous post).
  • Updated WebGL library to three.js r109.
  • Fixed terrain collision precicision bug.
  • Made Titan’s shield default to be able to block at base 5% (increases with strength).
  • Added Items Sets.
  • Added Item Procs (chance on hit effects).
  • Fixed invisible NPC/Players bug.
  • Improved server performance.
  • Improved game engine performance.
  • Added “uncommon (green)” drop items to Astari Forest. More to come.
  • Fixed bug where only a few combat damage/heal displays would show up. All should show now.
  • Tons of minor bug fixes.

A ton is still being worked on such as adding more items, item sets and of course the long awaited new zone! Stay tuned to your favorite webgl mmorpg – Titans of Time!

Browser MMORPG Titans of Time Updates

We have been completely revamping various zones of the game. Primarily Astari Forest, Hallengard and The Undying Sea.

Here are some screenshots of our progress!

Southern Astari Forest


Middle Astari Looking South



Middle Astari Looking North


Northern Astari Gate


Arriving At Hallengard


West of the Castle Walls


Inside the Castle Walls


Sailing at Night


Sailing Through the Jungle


Sailing Back Home


Undying Sea Map

Browser MMORPG Adds A New Temple

The new temple we have been working on for quite some time has finally been released!

Browser MMORPG Crypt

Slay the undead and ancient demonic protectors in the catacombs beneath Hallengard. If you are strong enough you will descend even further into the lair of an unspeakable evil!  Yea.. we know you want to check this out =]

We even have a little preview of the next temple:

NetherPlanes Browser MMORPG

An inter-dimensional plane of existence inhabited by powerful sorcerers and other magic beings. We though this Browser MMORPG should take a step away from rotting flesh eating zombies and disgusting mutant creatures and move towards an enlightened environment filled with powerful magic and weapons of great intellect. Fun stuff.

There have been dozens of optimizations and improvements and as usual I can only remember a few of them. These are as follows:

  • Huge performance gain in zones with many trees.
  • Orbital camera with left mouse button.
  • New quests and items
  • Visible NPC names (non-combat)
  • Auto-Attack option for pets.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • We had camera collision sorta working but the new orbital controls changed that. Working on a new solution.

Well that’s it for now. The next zone and temple are nearly complete so stay tuned for further updates to your favorite Browser MMORPG – Titans of Time!

Browser MMORPG Titans of Time Adds New Zone!

We know it’s been a while since our last post, and this is due to pure laziness. However, do not let that fool you. We have been working hard on our Browser MMORPG – Titans of Time and would like to introduce our new zone that we refer to as “Dark Hallengard”.

3D Browser MMORPG - Titans of Time

What happened to the capital city!? I guess you will have to play and find out for yourself =]

Aside from the new content we have updated the following:

  • Reduced game load times by up to 1000%! No big deal 😉
  • Various game server optimizations.
  • New Spell “Shield Bash” for Titans. Instantly stuns enemies for up to 3 seconds.
  • By popular demand we have added jump animations for playable characters!
  • Fixed many many many bugs.

We are currently working on the temple for the new zone. We have it mostly done, but we may go back to the drawing board on it, who knows. Browser MMORPG development is finicky and nothing is written in stone.

Well that’s all to report for now. Stay tuned for further updates!

3D Indie Browser MMO Has a New Item!

We have added a new item to our free to play 3D Indie Browser MMO! Introducing the Hearth Scroll!

Indie 3D Browser MMO NewItem

With this a player can instantly teleport back to their established home. This item can massively reduce your travel time if used wisely. The Hearth Scroll cannot be used when in combat and comes with an hour cooldown period. These limitation were put in place to detour potential exploitation.

Currently there is only one home base (The Tavern), but we will be adding more soon. The Hearth Scroll itself is for sale in the Tavern from “Tina”. Currently as is you will only need one as you do not lose one on use. We may alter this later as we’re sure you have noticed, nothing here is ever written in stone.

In the process of adding this new feature to our 3D Indie Browser MMO, a bug involving item rearrangement has been identified and fixed. That’s always a good thing =]

We will keep you posted as we keep chipping away at out “todo” list. In the meantime, happy grinding!

3D MMORPG Browser Updates

OK guys, we’ve checked quite a bit off the list (there are still ∞ items left which are not on this list) and added a few we left off ( and them checked them off =] ). Designing a 3D MMORPG in Browser is no small task my friends! We are pretty happy where it is at currently. Still more to do!

  • Jerky other player movement
  • Music for Emelines house
  • Male slave texture issue
  • Check NPC aggro ranges
  • Particle portals are broken
  • Players get stuck on doors?
  • Inventory action icons
  • Auto add new learned spells to spell bar
  • Close loot box on last roll
  • Teleport to Hallengard scroll
  • Dynamic loaded quest model error
  • Castle quest logic
  • Fix Strange Fog Issue
  • Fix Strange Texture Issue
  • Update Particle Engine

We added music for Emelines house. It’s the same as the taverns for now  but better than nothing.

There was a pretty big bug in the NPC aggro range detection. This has been fixed.

I had a hard time reproducing a problem where players were getting stuck on walls and doors in smaller zones. This has been fixed after I finally got it to break for me.

The loot box (off of dead NPC’s) now closes when there are no more items for you to collect or roll on. Just a little convenience feature =]

I’ve been wanting to auto add newly learned spells to the spellbar for A LONG time now. I finally got around to that.

An upgrade to version 72 of the 3D library we use (three.js) caused a couple minor visual bugs and an annoying issue where we were forced to use inefficient geometry for certain models. This has all been fixed after working with them for a bit. Thanks guys!

GoodSails 3D MMORPG Browser

Also the three.js particle plugin was excellently updated for version 72 as well. Now ALL geometries are of the high efficiency, low-memory footprint variety YAY!

GoodFog 3D MMORPG Browser

Well that’s it for now folks. We will update you all again when there is significant progress to report. Happy grinding!