MMORPG Progress Report

Calvin and I went ahead and did a test run of our browser mmorpg through of the recent updates we’ve made. The main thing we are working towards (besides the ongoing goal of peak performance) is the transition to the next zone.

mmorpg progress

Here is the resulting list:

  • Jerky other player movement
  • Music for Emelines house
  • Male slave texture issue
  • Check NPC aggro ranges
  • Particle portals are broken
  • Players get stuck on doors?
  • Inventory action icons
  • Auto PvP bonus xp in temples?
  • Auto add new learned spells to spell bar
  • Close loot box on last roll
  • Teleport to Hallengard scroll
  • Dynamic loaded quest model error
  • Castle quest logic

As you can see a few things have been taken care of already. The remainder are more or less minor improvements. The most important related to the release of the next mmorpg  zone is the fixing of the castle quest logic. The next step is the actual portal to the next area (working on it), and the completion of all the quest content for the next area. Of course also the next temple needs to be built.

We’re pretty excited about what’s coming and can’t wait for it all to be launched in our browser mmorpg!


The Next Step For Our Indie MMORPG

As our current players know; we have not released a new zone past the “Ice Cavern” (maxing you out around level 100) for our indie mmorpg in several months. For this we sincerely apologize. We have not been sitting Idle though. On the contrary, we have released several bug fixes, performance enhancements and new quests while figuring out how to move to the next zone.

We now have a plan and have gotten the story framework for this indie mmorpg together 🙂

SacredItems DarkHalls

We aren’t going to give away the story (you’ll have to play for that), but we will tell you that the progression involves the sacred amulets that you work so hard to collect. You’ll want to wear your big boy/girl pants to the next area.


Meet the Team!

Hello World!

It’s time to meet the team that has brought you the free to play indie mmo Titans of Time! We are both 30 year old cousins who are from Michigan who currently live in Houston Texas. We both have no idea what we are doing but are doing it anyway!



Content creator. Owner of a terrible nuclear disaster dog named “Dude”.  Goes to University of Houston Clear Lake working on his bachelors in history with a high school teacher certification. Professional Buffoon.



Game Developer. Dad of 1 year old daughter Zelda. Writes software to pay the bills. Complete Moron.

We contract a couple of dudes over in Europe (Owen and Adrian) to do our models and animations and…. yup that’s the team!


Indie Game Nerdout

The latest version (72) of the amazing 3D library we use Three.js came out recently. This is good news for our favorite browser mmo! r72 comes with full BufferGeometry support which is MUCH more efficient than the currently used Geometry

Our current dev build for r72 uses less than half (or even less) memory than the prior version. This means better performance and increased stability. This is also a huge win for mobile devices.

Check out these memory benchmarks!

r71 71


r72 72


Redesigning the terrain to work off of buffer geometry was a monumental pain in the ass, but the rewards were well worth it. Our terrain was BY FAR the largest consumer of memory, with 72 it barely makes a dent.

Building an indie game from scratch can be rewarding, but it also can be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately we are unable to bring our r72 build live at the moment as there are 3 issues remaining.

Check em out yourself on github:

1. The particle engine is being updated. Issue #75

2. Strange fog behavior (minor).  Issue #7111

3. Strange texture issue (minor). Issue #7197

Stay tuned for further updates!

Our First Post

Greetings all!

We are a free to play 3D browser mmorpg. Development has been in progress for years and years. We started as a simple 2D grid based game and have evolved into the madness that it is.

We will be posting all updates here along with other dumb things.

Currently, the latest zone is the “Ice Temple”. The next zone is… complicated. This is where the game antagonist gains some serious power. This process has a lot of new models involved, which is cool. The new stuff still requires a bit of programming and content creation. We will keep you posted!