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The latest version (72) of the amazing 3D library we use Three.js came out recently. This is good news for our favorite browser mmo! r72 comes with full BufferGeometry support which is MUCH more efficient than the currently used Geometry

Our current dev build for r72 uses less than half (or even less) memory than the prior version. This means better performance and increased stability. This is also a huge win for mobile devices.

Check out these memory benchmarks!

r71 71


r72 72


Redesigning the terrain to work off of buffer geometry was a monumental pain in the ass, but the rewards were well worth it. Our terrain was BY FAR the largest consumer of memory, with 72 it barely makes a dent.

Building an indie game from scratch can be rewarding, but it also can be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately we are unable to bring our r72 build live at the moment as there are 3 issues remaining.

Check em out yourself on github:

1. The particle engine is being updated. Issue #75

2. Strange fog behavior (minor).  Issue #7111

3. Strange texture issue (minor). Issue #7197

Stay tuned for further updates!

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