3D Indie Browser MMO Has a New Item!

We have added a new item to our free to play 3D Indie Browser MMO! Introducing the Hearth Scroll!

Indie 3D Browser MMO NewItem

With this a player can instantly teleport back to their established home. This item can massively reduce your travel time if used wisely. The Hearth Scroll cannot be used when in combat and comes with an hour cooldown period. These limitation were put in place to detour potential exploitation.

Currently there is only one home base (The Tavern), but we will be adding more soon. The Hearth Scroll itself is for sale in the Tavern from “Tina”. Currently as is you will only need one as you do not lose one on use. We may alter this later as we’re sure you have noticed, nothing here is ever written in stone.

In the process of adding this new feature to our 3D Indie Browser MMO, a bug involving item rearrangement has been identified and fixed. That’s always a good thing =]

We will keep you posted as we keep chipping away at out “todo” list. In the meantime, happy grinding!

3D MMORPG Browser Updates

OK guys, we’ve checked quite a bit off the list (there are still¬†∞ items left which are not on this list) and added a few we left off ( and them checked them off =] ). Designing a 3D MMORPG in Browser is no small task my friends! We are pretty happy where it is at currently. Still more to do!

  • Jerky other player movement
  • Music for Emelines house
  • Male slave texture issue
  • Check NPC aggro ranges
  • Particle portals are broken
  • Players get stuck on doors?
  • Inventory action icons
  • Auto add new learned spells to spell bar
  • Close loot box on last roll
  • Teleport to Hallengard scroll
  • Dynamic loaded quest model error
  • Castle quest logic
  • Fix Strange Fog Issue
  • Fix Strange Texture Issue
  • Update Particle Engine

We added music for Emelines house. It’s the same as the taverns for now ¬†but better than nothing.

There was a pretty big bug in the NPC aggro range detection. This has been fixed.

I had a hard time reproducing a problem where players were getting stuck on walls and doors in smaller zones. This has been fixed after I finally got it to break for me.

The loot box (off of dead NPC’s) now closes when there are no more items for you to collect or roll on. Just a little convenience feature =]

I’ve been wanting to auto add newly learned spells to the spellbar for A LONG time now. I finally got around to that.

An upgrade to version 72 of the 3D library we use (three.js) caused a couple minor visual bugs and an annoying issue where we were forced to use inefficient geometry for certain models. This has all been fixed after working with them for a bit. Thanks guys!

GoodSails 3D MMORPG Browser

Also the three.js particle plugin was excellently updated for version 72 as well. Now ALL geometries are of the high efficiency, low-memory footprint variety YAY!

GoodFog 3D MMORPG Browser

Well that’s it for now folks. We will update you all again when there is significant progress to report. Happy grinding!