3D MMORPG Browser Updates

OK guys, we’ve checked quite a bit off the list (there are still¬†∞ items left which are not on this list) and added a few we left off ( and them checked them off =] ). Designing a 3D MMORPG in Browser is no small task my friends! We are pretty happy where it is at currently. Still more to do!

  • Jerky other player movement
  • Music for Emelines house
  • Male slave texture issue
  • Check NPC aggro ranges
  • Particle portals are broken
  • Players get stuck on doors?
  • Inventory action icons
  • Auto add new learned spells to spell bar
  • Close loot box on last roll
  • Teleport to Hallengard scroll
  • Dynamic loaded quest model error
  • Castle quest logic
  • Fix Strange Fog Issue
  • Fix Strange Texture Issue
  • Update Particle Engine

We added music for Emelines house. It’s the same as the taverns for now ¬†but better than nothing.

There was a pretty big bug in the NPC aggro range detection. This has been fixed.

I had a hard time reproducing a problem where players were getting stuck on walls and doors in smaller zones. This has been fixed after I finally got it to break for me.

The loot box (off of dead NPC’s) now closes when there are no more items for you to collect or roll on. Just a little convenience feature =]

I’ve been wanting to auto add newly learned spells to the spellbar for A LONG time now. I finally got around to that.

An upgrade to version 72 of the 3D library we use (three.js) caused a couple minor visual bugs and an annoying issue where we were forced to use inefficient geometry for certain models. This has all been fixed after working with them for a bit. Thanks guys!

GoodSails 3D MMORPG Browser

Also the three.js particle plugin was excellently updated for version 72 as well. Now ALL geometries are of the high efficiency, low-memory footprint variety YAY!

GoodFog 3D MMORPG Browser

Well that’s it for now folks. We will update you all again when there is significant progress to report. Happy grinding!

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