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To move yourself throughout the worlds locations, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. For the more experienced RPG players, the W,A,S,D key contols are also an option. You may also click on any unoccupied space to move to that location. The keyboard however allows for more precide movement.

For some players, the height of the screen may be taller than your monitor causing the entire page to scroll up and down when using the arrow keys. To prevent this use the W,A,S,D keyboard keys in stead of the arrow keys. Pressing the F11 key will make any webpage "fullscreen" and will also remedy this as well as using a higher screen resolution.

Non Playable Characters

Throughout your travels, you will encounter many computer controlled characters called NPC's (Non Playable Characters). Some are friendly, most are not. Friendly NPC's will have a symbol above there head, hostile NPC's will not and will attack you if you get too close or attack them.

To interact with any NPC or other players in the game you must first target them. To target another character simply click on them. Once targeted, their status bar will be displayed under your own.

Keep an eye out for quest givers. They reward you with many beneficial items, money, experience, and other bonuses.


To travel the world and complete quests, you must also be prepared to fight! Combat in Titans of Time is in realtime and is not turn based. What this means is that you can attack as fast as your spells will let you.

Each class has their own unique set of spells and abilities. These abilities are located on your abiliites bar. To use them, click on your desired target and either click the ability or use the keyboard. Each spell on your abilities bar has a hotkey number on the top right. Press this number on the keyboard to cast the spell.

Spells cannot be casted when you do not have a suitable target in range of the spell, when you do not have enough mana, and when the spells cooldown (required time before you can cast the same spell again) has yet to expire. The spell will turn black and white when uncastable. Each spell has different mana costs, casting ranges, and cooldown times.


As you level up in Titans of Time, you will gain access to new spells and abilities. These new abilities are found in your spellbook and once learned, can be placed on your abilities bar by clicking on the spell then clicking the desired location on your abilities bar with the spellbook open.

To remove a spell from your abilities bar, click on the spell with your spellbook open and then click anywhere else on the screen.


You will discover many items to assist you along your way, from weapons and armor to various potions and elixurs. Once aquired, you will find these items in your inventory. To equip your Weapons and Armor simply click "Equip" on the item you choose. You may only equip certain items based on your class.

To place consumable items onto your equipment bar click on the image of the potion in your inventory, then click on the desired slot on the equipment bar with your inventory open. When re-arranging potions and consumables on your equipment bar, make sure that your inventory is open. Otherwise you will consume the item when you click on it.

Like spells, potions and other consumables on your equipment bar can be also used with keyboard hotkeys. To use the number keys for potions, hold down the SHIFT key and press the respective number key (1-0).

From your inventory, you can also send, sell and auction off items. Not all items are transferable.


As you play you can train your stats. Which stats you train is up too you and will effect your play style. While some stats are more desired by certain classes, they are all important. To see the effect of your stats simply hover your mouse over the stat from the training page, home page or the training panel on the world page.

You have 2 attributes that effect training, energy and faith. You energy level determines how many times you train when you click train and can be increased by leveling up. Faith effects the efficiency of your training. When at 100 faith you will receive 100% training, at 50 faith, you will receive 50% training. Maximium faith can be increased by completing quests to further boost training.

Your energy and faith levels do deplete as you train. To refill them either use points for energy and holy water for faith or wait the regeneration period.

Training increases your base stats whereas items boost your stats on a percentage basis, so if you have 1000 stamina and a chestguard with a 10% stamina boost, your total stamina will be increased to 1100.


In addition to training and items, you can also become more powerful why customizing your characters with talents. Talent Points are awarded every 10 levels. The first time you reset your talent build it will be free, everytime after that the cost will go up 5 points so carefully read your talent tree.

Aquiring Loot

Loot drops off various hostile NPC's, can be bought from merchants, crafted by players or is rewarded by quest givers.

Too pick up an item dropped by a defeated NPC, click on the loot bag they drop while standing nearby.

You may learn professions and create your own items! These skills are honed over time with practice. In addition to crafting professions, you may also learn gathering skills such as herbalism and fishing.

Points and holy water are also awarded for completing quests. They can also be obtained daily by voting for Titans of Time and tomb raiding.

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