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In it's infancy, Titans of Time was an experimental learning tool for Firehurts Studios to create a game-play experience in Browser Based MMORPGs like no other. The dream was to give you, the player, the most original, engaging, free-to-play experiences available with no downloads needed. We wanted to create fully interactive Browser Based MMORPGs where players could both play solo, or cooperate with one another on the web. What a wonderful dream.

That was five years ago. After much toiling and tinkering, our cheif admin Hobbes, along with his partner in crime Calvin, decided Titans of Time was ready to go live for it's very own beta along side current popular Browser Based MMORPGs. However, the beta as you see it now, is most certainly not what it was then. Two years, five complete alterations in art, a revamp in character models, an entire user interface overhaul, and a laundry list of other tweaks, the only constant for our admins and Titans of Time, is change. As we change, we grow, and we are growing with our players every day.

At Firehurts Studios, we sincerely our players are the most important part of the game. Titans of Time players have not only kept the game going, but they have also contributed to it's content. From models, to a name or two here and there, even entire quest lines, we only have you to thank. So please, don't stop giving us your suggestions, ideas and even your talent, Titans of Time would not be what it is without it, and we sincerely appreciate it. Our players help us create our Browser Based MMORPGs.

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