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Browser RPG FAQ

What makes Titans of Time Unique?

Unlike the common Browser RPG, Titans of Time has a fully interactive graphical world to explore. This isn't your simple text-based link clicking Browser MMORPG folks. Titans of Time is designed for real gamers.

What Are "Classes" And How Do I Choose Which One To Be?

Classes in Titans of Time are the different type of characters you can choose from. There are currently 4 unique player classes available to choose from in this Browser MMORPG. Each class is specialized in different areas of combat such as dealing damage, absorbing damage, and even repairing damage! You will find each class will provide a unique Browser RPG experience.

How Do I Move Around?

To move about in Titans of Time simply click on the screen where you would like to move. If you prefer a little more control over your movement, you may also use the arrow or "WASD" keys on your keyboard. As you progress through the Browser RPG, you will even aquire combat ready ships to sail the ocean!

How Do I Attack Enemies?

To attack an enemy in this Browser MMORPG, target your desired foe by clicking on them. Once you have a target they will be light up purple and their stat bar will be displayed next to yours. Once your enemy is targeted, choose your attack from your abilities bar (you can mouse over each ability to read it's details) and click on it or press the associated numerical key on your keyboard. Certain abilities have pre-requisites such as being within range, having enough mana, etc.

What Are Quests And How Do I Complete Them?

This Browser RPG features hundreds of quests. Quests are missions given to you by NPC's (in game computer generated non-hostile, non-playable characters). An NPC with an available quest will have a gold (!) above them. To accept their quest target them and click on them once more while targeted to speak wih them. From the NPC quest dialouge you will be able to read the quest details and accept it.

To complete the quest, simply fulfill it's objectives (usually collecting items or defeating certan enemies) and return to the quest giver. If you have done all they have asked you will be rewarded. Quest rewards generally consist of some combination of wearable equipment, points, holy water or gold. Not too mention the best source of experience (required for leveling) in the game. You must be a certain level to accept certain quests.

How Do I Make Myself Stronger?

Titans of Time is a very in-depth Browser MMORPG, thus there are numerous ways to increase your stats and skills in this game. The most basic is simply leveling yourself up by defeating enemies and completing quests. By leveling up you automatically grow in strength and have new abilities and attacks made available to you.

Training is an in-game activity that you can perform that is fueld by 2 consumable items: Points and Holy Water. Points refill your energy required by training and Holy Water restores your faith, boosting the amount of stats you gain from training. You can train in any stat you'd like, however it's best to choose based on your class and style of play.

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