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How much QQ is too much QQ for a Browser Based MMORPG?

Ok, my fellow vidiots out there, (for the n00bs that’s video-idiot,) have you ever QQ’ed about  Browser Based MMORPG, or even any online game where something  that worked perfectly fine, was all-of-a-sudden busted after a patch? Or how about this; have you ever flamed an admin because you couldn’t get what you needed to finish that dungeon right then and there?

Well, I have had an interesting opportunity for the last couple years. I was able to witness a Browser Based MMORPG go from infancy, to one of the best 2D games i’ve played. I’ve even gotten the opportunity to help with it both creatively and technically. And let me tell you, it’s no easy task. There are always things that can be unforeseen. Thankfully, dedicated creators and staff are there to scramble the moment something goes awry.

I can admit it, I’ve learned my lesson, less QQ, more pew pew!

TitasofTime, your premier free to play, Browser Based MMORPG is your premier free to play, Browser Based MMORPG. With no required downloads, in moments you can become a hero of a fully interactive and dynamic 2D world set in a semi-fictional ancient time. Choose from several customizable classes to conquer the 25-plus unique zones and temples, and hundreds of quests with thousands of item rewards. Become an enterprenuer by ccreating your own items and consumables with the several professions available.

Hone your skills and increase your abilities by dominating fellow players in real-time PvP and PvE combat powered by web 2.0 technology. Being a Browser Based MMORPG you can, group with up to 5 of your allies to defeat the most difficult of foes in the various temples and dungeons. Choose your path and become, a Titan of Time!

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