How much QQ is too much QQ for a Browser Based MMORPG?

Ok, my fellow vidiots out there, (for the n00bs that’s video-idiot,) have you ever QQ’ed about  Browser Based MMORPG, or even any online game where something  that worked perfectly fine, was all-of-a-sudden busted after a patch? Or how about this; have you ever flamed an admin because you couldn’t get what you needed to finish that dungeon right then and there?

Well, I have had an interesting opportunity for the last couple years. I was able to witness a Browser Based MMORPG go from infancy, to one of the best 2D games i’ve played. I’ve even gotten the opportunity to help with it both creatively and technically. And let me tell you, it’s no easy task. There are always things that can be unforeseen. Thankfully, dedicated creators and staff are there to scramble the moment something goes awry.

I can admit it, I’ve learned my lesson, less QQ, more pew pew!

TitasofTime, your premier free to play, Browser Based MMORPG is your premier free to play, Browser Based MMORPG. With no required downloads, in moments you can become a hero of a fully interactive and dynamic 2D world set in a semi-fictional ancient time. Choose from several customizable classes to conquer the 25-plus unique zones and temples, and hundreds of quests with thousands of item rewards. Become an enterprenuer by ccreating your own items and consumables with the several professions available.

Hone your skills and increase your abilities by dominating fellow players in real-time PvP and PvE combat powered by web 2.0 technology. Being a Browser Based MMORPG you can, group with up to 5 of your allies to defeat the most difficult of foes in the various temples and dungeons. Choose your path and become, a Titan of Time!

Console Vs PC; Can the Browser RPG, determine the argument?

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t  born a gamer.  When my mother found out she was having a daughter it was all Barbie dolls and dress-up.  I didn’t discover my love of video games, until 8 or 9;  RPGs, and Browser RPG‘s came much later.

I often wonder, if I had discovered PC games much earlier, would my inner gamer have come out before I was 16 lol.

Now, a big argument in the RPG world is the amount you have to spend to play, but that’s changed.  Now, console games have downloadable maps, items and other neat little things available for a fee. The Browser RPG is no different. You can usually play for next to nothing, but if you want the extra edge, fork out the extra cash, and BAM… your opponent is done, so it’s definitely worth it.

Browser RPG‘s have reminded us that you don’t need to sell a kidney to play a fun game. Just invest a little time, and a little cash, and you can have a fantastic time.

Online MMORPG games, do they contribute to game addiction?

Ok, first of all, for the purposes of this article we are going to assume that Video Game Addiction is real. There’s lots of debate out there. However, (and this is just me,) when you have people out there killing folks over a lent Dragon Sword that ended up in an online auction, and dudes jumping off of buildings after writing suicide notes through the eyes of their Online MMORPG character, there has to be something wrong… right?

And allow me to digress, the game with the auctioned off Dragon Sword, it  wasn’t even what they advertised themselves to be.  It was an “isometric 3D Online MMORPG;” a good way of saying, “It’s not REALLY a 3D  Online MMORPG, but we’re going to make it look 3D enough to call it that.”

Aside from the tangent,  I suppose the bottom line is, yes Video Game Addictiom is an issue.  But is it treatment worthy?  One clinic in the Netherlands reports that 90% of the youth that seek their help aren’t addicted. So, what? They just like it.. a ton? On the other hand, in 2002 chapters of OGA, Online Gamers Anonymous, started popping up with organized 12 step programs and everything.

Free Online Games: Gameplay over Graphics

Graphics > Gameplay? Please.  How many times have we seen it? A ton. It sucks. It’s like Hollywood getting away with their mediocre movies by simply releasing it in mediocre 3D, it just doesn’t cut it. So, the free online games community is changing that.

You may have seen me in stealth mode once or twice around I’m Xeroine, one of the moderators. And I was a hardcore WoWer. Yes folks, I was among the masses, for some time actually. My account was inactive for a while and I reactivated it and logged in. After about 30 minutes I realized, I had been having much more fun playing Mario Kart on the 64, in the living room, that hasn’t cost me a dime to play other than the cost of the game. And let’s face it, it’s a 64, c’mon.

It’s the gameplay. If the gameplay isn’t there, the user isn’t engaged… well, unless they’re some sheep that just likes what they are told to like.  Of course, there are other aspects like sound effect and music etc; but that my friends, is a different conversation entirely. If more time is spent on content, and less on “let’s see if we can make the clouds fluffier,” maybe it would challenge the user, resulting in them thinking  just a little harder allowing for more difficult content later in that game, or even a later game. Free online games have proven, if you simply make it fun, you are good to go.

New Flash Libraries Offer Exciting New Possibilites For Online Browser Games

I remember back in high school being fairly impressed with the simple, yet surprisingly flashy (no pun intended), smooth, and overall high quality of the online browser games written in flash that I would play while some teacher was going on about this and that. Since then flash games have only been getting more sophisticated and well…badass.

AmfPHP is an amazingly smart, fast, and light-weight flash extension which allows for flash applications to communicate with a remote php-mysql server in an asynchronous  fashion. What does this mean? It means the possibilty of real-time multiplayer games.

Papervision3D is an incredible 3D rendering library for flash. Full on real 3D people , not an isomorphic illusion! This library is still in its infant stages, yet is very powerful.

These to libraries open up an exciting new future for online browser games.

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